Thanks for dropping by! It shows that at least you have a sense of humor. That's something you can hang onto in this confusing political season.

My campaign is about energizing Americans. It is not about molding or “changing” government. I don’t have any issues preventing me from seeing that government has become the problem in so many cases that it is difficult to sort it out. We can NOT address issues in the 21st Century with rhetoric and ideas from the 19th.

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Texans are known for being independent and willing to at least listen to a person. I’m counting on that. If only one of my platform statements influences you to share it with another person then we’re already moving forward into this new century.

Reciprocity and Ingenuity

I’m running on the idea that basic reciprocity is missing from government actions today. We also need some ingenuity to step into this new century. I want to show you just a few things that I hope you can see with new eyes. Things that will re-balance a government that has become unable to realize that it is

who really make things work. All that is needed is a change in perspective.

  1. Government needs watching

    If only our health inspectors had video monitors would it improve America?

  2. Energy is Freedom

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  3. Tax money is our money!

    IRS Form 1099 for Everyone!

  4. Grab an infinite future!

    Star Dust for All!

That’s it! As a U.S. Senator I can influence the adoption of each of these. I want your vote! I will NOT spend your tax dollars to accomplish any of this. On the other hand, we can act today as “The People” and still move forward.