There is nothing more terrifying than watching a leftist administration trained up in Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" and their single-minded attack on an organization. We're getting to see the bulk of Uncle Saul's teachings implemented realtime against the largest, most powerful, and freest republic on the face of the earth. I watch in horror!

The only thing scarier is to see the absolute calm with which the elected representatives of this once great republic face the onslaught. There is not one thing that could get a conservative representative agitated enough to chain themselves to a door yet any perceived slight can get a paid army of leftist agitators to take over any state capitol. Sheeple.

Alinsky Rule 5: "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon."

Leading Obama Left

There are many iconographic parts to this painting, and they are all listed on lower right-hand side of the image site. The important thing to consider is...

How are YOU going to implement Rule #5?

Imagine this! You buy a greeting card from the site by clicking on the image above and send it to some Democrat or media representative. For a return address, you put the office of some RINO. It is absolutely perfect! You educate those ignorant of Obama's 57 states comment, the Choom Gang, and the Dohrn fork, while shaming the media for not reporting the facts, and uncover RINO's that feel uncomforatble attacking the left. For the most impact, send it with lots of signatures inside. (On second avoid IRS audits, just have them initial it!)

The leftist receiving the card is offended that the truth about Obama and the current generation of Marxist Democrats is leaking into the culture and they'll start screaming at the "sender". Grab the popcorn!

Leland Yee (D-CA)