Unix Administrator [Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Linux] Mark D. Robbins

Home: 325.388.xxxx

Cell: 830.798.xxxx



SUN Certified Programmer for Java 2 June 2000

IBM MQ Series Administrator February 2001

Six Sigma Quality Program (GEIO) May 2001

Oracle for Experienced SQL Users August 2001

Oracle DBA: Backup and Recovery August 2001

Oracle DBA: Architecture and Admin August 2001

Iplanet Application Server 6.0 Admin May 2002

SUN SunFire 15K Server Admin May 2002

Netegrity SiteMinder Admin May 2002




Legacy Inc :: Scanned Document Maintenance 2005 2007

Named and managed scanned image depositories in support of state requirements that dealt with foster care agencies. Some PERL programming to monitor user production and depository sanity checks.


Nextel :: Web Applications Infrastructure Support 2002

VistaRMS Contractor

Administer, configure, and monitor Iplanet Application and web server clusters on Solaris 6800 clusters; supported port to 15K SunFire. SiteMinder site security and IBM MQ Series monitoring/administration. Investigate, report, and document exceptions for pre-production development teams . PERL coding in management support.


Flinthill School 2001

Independent Contractor

Install and support Novell Netware, Microsoft Win2000 servers in two T-1 linked campuses. Provide user support and training on applications. Lecture high school students regarding the IT industry and application design issues regarding their projects.


General Electric Interbusiness Operations (GEIO) 2000 - 2001

Senior Applications Engineer

HP-UX administrator on HA clusters supporting a nationwide application averaging 100 transactions per second which provided capabilities for Competitive Local Exchange Carriers [CLEC] to sell long distance services. Oracle and IBM MQ Series Messaging application administration. PERL coding in support of queue management.






Texas State Government 1993 - 2000


Texas Education Agency

Senior AIX Administrator

Senior AIX administrator supporting nine AIX systems (one S80). Web administrator support including PERL, Korn scripting for HTTP server support. SAS internet programmer support/training and Netscape web integration.


Railroad Commission of Texas

Network Group Manager

Responsible for all network infrastructure and servers included in 11 district offices [routers, switches, telecom]. Manage 1100 NT desktops. Sole Unix support for 8 Solaris, 1 DEC OSF/1, and 11 freeBSD systems and managed four personnel responsible for 13 server Novell network. PERL and Korn shell scripting. Implementor and designer of migration from Novell to Solaris servers using TotalNet multiprotocol file and print service from Syntax, Inc. Primary support for diagnosis of issues dealing with integration of POP3, Groupwise, and Sendmail integration. Sole Cisco router and PIX firewall support. DNS, HTTP, and Spectrum SNMP primary contact.


Texas Natural Resources Information System

Internet Applications Programmer / Analyst

Installation/support HTTP servers and web sites with HTML, Gopher, and WAIS on Solaris; training of system users. Application development of Unix audit tools and CGI scripts in PERL. Maintenance/support of Netware v4.1 and mail integration with Sendmail. Sendmail.cf hacker. Network router management and problem diagnosis with protocol analyzers.


Texas Water Development Board

Systems Analyst

User training and support of Banyan Vines network. Administration of Motorola 68000 based System V Unix with Informix database. Programming and support of Sun 4/390 Oracle system for engineering project tracking and evaluation of PowerBuilder for future port of system. Solaris administrator and Sun Net Manager SNMP system manager. Wordperfect Office and Sendmail coordination responsibility.


Compute!Assist 1988 - 1993

Independent computer consultant experienced in component level repair of some analog devices to installation, maintenance, support and training of PC and Novell network sites. Clarion programming specializing in multiuser application analysis and design. In-house project to develop document imaging/management system on OS/2 with DB/2 // C++.


United States Navy

Regular Line Officer, Main Propulsion Assistant

Enlisted, Medical Technologist A.S.C.P Certified

The George Washington University, Washington D.C. B.S. Medical Technology