The thing that I really want to do is share a smile with you. If you send a single greeting card to a Democrat pol it will bring a smile to at least two faces. You can even put a note inside to tease them to locate all the factual representations in the painting. I know from experience that things like Bernadine Dohrn's fork or the "57" belt buckle completely miss them.

The question I really want to hear Obama and Hillary asked is: "Did Bernadine show you her fork handshake?"

Leading Obama Left

There is another item that I like to offer people when they are feeling depressed. It's nothing more than a short pamphlet, easily read in the space of a lunch, and points out why our future is so bright. We yearn for asteroids whether we know it or not! I'm pretty sure by this time that you won't find it odd for me to say there is a strange, but true, story in it.

21st Century Homestead

John 21:17