Energy is one of the most important things that impacts any advanced civilization. It feeds and clothes our children and it powers our move into the future.

I’ve wondered, more than once, what the world would be like if the world’s petroleum reserves had been discovered in Papua New Guinea. There is no more multicultural region on the planet. They have over 820 indigenous languages spoken which is roughly 10% of all the languages on the planet. And what is the feature that most distinguishes this multi-culti stew? Cannibalism. In fact, the Fore tribe only called a halt to cannibalism in 1957.

We’ve already seen pictures of a President of the United States holding hands with an Arab king wearing a full length gown, a king representing a culture that sacrifices their own daughters on the altar of honor. They did, however, abolish slavery by royal decree in 62…1962!

Now we have the vision of the first African-American President of the United States bowing to a king of a kingdom that was only able to free the slaves one (1!) year after his birth. It is extremely disturbing!

It is hardly a stretch to now envision a President with his arm around a Papua New Guinea tribal king, also an oil billionaire, who wears a bone in his nose, has a couple of freshly shrunken heads as a necklace, and wears a golden ceremonial penis sheath exhibiting all the cultural sensitivity that billions of dollars purchases.

Dependence leads to excusing excesses!

Decades ago President Jimmuh Carter initiated the spending of billions of dollars on energy research and now Hillary says we are on the right track. You can imagine the two of them agreeing that their discovering corn whiskey was fortuitous and only a Southern Baptist Sunday school teacher would think it made sense to put it in a car.

Everybody knows that hydrogen is the only fuel that will take us into the infinite future. No matter the planet you live on or the one you’re contemplating, hydrogen is THE fuel of the universe. It is the most common element of the universe and burning it gives off water… the very essence of life!

If God were whispering to us would we listen?

One of the Blue Collar Comedy team said that everyone hates a redneck until their car breaks down. Well folks…our cars have broke us down! Our leaders are prepared to give away almost any freedom in order to enable us to buy the fuel necessary to move our society. It is a sad thing to see the greatest, freest society allowing our trading partners to enshrine every sort of barbaric act in their governments without a whimper of objection from our business and political leaders.

Revelation 17:17