Taxes are our money! The government collects tax revenue, much of it reported on W2/1099 forms, passes their hands over it and then hands it out without any individual reporting. They bless it as their money and then spend it with wild abandon. There is nothing that spends as easily as other people's money.

The problem is a lack of perspective!

Once you start to realize that

ARE the government, you start to feel like you can grab hold of it. But where? My belief is that what is really missing is reciprocity.

What it really comes down to is that wage slaves get their W2s and contractors get their 1099-MISC for their income. Recipients of income(redistributed) via food stamps, section 8 housing, Medicaid, AC supports in summer, heating support in winter, free bus fare, and any number of other programs do not receive a 1099-GOV. Where's the fair there?

In Texas, as you know Iím sure, when we went from the paper Food Stamp program to the Lone Star Card to alleviate fraud issues, almost 100,000 families decided they really werenít ďneedyĒ any more. Iím sure if every individual that got any payment or tax advantage from the government got issued a 1099-GOV along with their benefit it would likewise reduce fraud.

Politicians buy votes by doling out money but fraud mainly occurs because there are no reporting requirements. Do you think there are any people in Texas who are receiving the same benefits in two different counties at the same time? 1099-GOVs would shine a light on it. Can you believe that there are people receiving benefits that arenít even legal residents? You know an unanswered 1099-GOV would give the answer!

Filing tax returns is an obligation every citizen must shoulder even if they don't end up owing taxes. Every citizen, but especially any person who benefits from government's income(redistributed), should all have the same filing requirements. Every working citizen knows there can come a time where you donít owe any taxes but you do owe the government a tax return. No excuses are ever accepted from the IRS.

If you really believe in equality under the law it should apply equally to income and income(redistributed)!

1099-GOV is a smooth fundamental transformation of government